Our Referral Guarantee

Your Clients Remain Yours

ESQPMG receives a majority of our referrals from other commercial agents and brokers who know that ESQPMG will NOT interfere with the existing relationship between the Referring Agent/Broker and their client.  ESQPMG will help manage and foster the client’s property, and in the event the client decides to sell the asset/property ESQPMG will refer the client back to the Referring Agent/Broker.  ESQPMG will also execute a Referral Agreement with the Referring Agent/Broker to that effect.

ESQPMG offers a fully executed Referral Agreement to any agent/broker who refers their clients to us. 

Referral Guarantee

In the event referring agent/broker __________________________________, hereinafter “REFERRING AGENT” refers a client to  “BROKER” Esquire Property Management Group, California Licensed BROKER #02140719 (“ESQPMG, Inc.”) for property management services, and BROKER engages client for said property management services BROKER agrees as follows:

  1. ESQPMG will refer CLIENT back to REFERRING AGENT if and when CLIENT decides to sell investment/rental property;
  2. ESQPMG will in no way interfere or disrupt the relationship between REFERRING AGENT and CLIENT;
  3. ESQPMG will use all resources to uphold the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing with respect to dealings with CLIENT, and CLEINT’S relationship with REFERRING AGENT;

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