SF Bay Area & Northern California

Development Management Services

Architectural elegance is in the design details. Your business assets deserve top-shelf attention to perfection. Allow us and our partners to plan, design, develop, and deliver real estate and construction solutions that outperform your goals.

Construction Management

Our construction project management experts and partners leverage their deep industry-specific expertise, knowledge, and connections — as well as utilizing cutting edge best industry practices and technologies — to deliver the owner an on-time, on-budget project that accelerates the success of real property asset.  Allow us and our partners to to help you meet your business goals.

Development Feasibility

There is a large inventory of obsolete and underdeveloped commercial property in California and many clients are looking for help to decide if it makes sense to remodel or demolish and rebuild their properties. ESQPMG helps our clients understand the pluses and minuses of both of these avenues and can guide our clients through a feasibility determination for development. Connect with us to see if we can offer some guidance through our experiences or our partnerships.

Engineering Services

The California legislature recently passed SB 721 to impose inspection requirements on owners of buildings containing “exterior elevated elements,” such as raised decks or balconies. Building owners must obtain an inspection of the exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing elements. These inspections are now required to be performed by a licensed architect, licensed civil or structural engineer, a building contractor holding specified licenses, or an individual certified as a building inspector or building official. The inspector must present its report to the owner of the building within 45 days of the completion of the inspection, and the owner must maintain copies of the report for 2 inspection cycles. Each inspection cycle is six years.  A condominium conversion owner must obtain an inspection before the close of escrow.  If the inspection reveals conditions that pose an immediate hazard to the safety of the occupant, the inspection report must be delivered to the owner of the building with 15 day and emergency repaired be undertaken. Importantly, notice must be given to the local enforcement agency, or authority have jurisdiction. If repairs are not completed on time, the local enforcement agency or authority having jurisdiction my send a 30-day corrective notice to the owner of the building and assess civil penalties and liens against the property.

Allow us and our engineering partners to help you meet your statutory requirements.

Legal Services

Not many property management services have a real estate attorney on staff such as ESQPMG.  If any issues arise requiring legal advice, assistance, or knowledge we have our clients covered.  Moreover, if our clients own properties in other areas of the State of California we can help with those questions as well.  So in addition to your bespoke, individualized property management services we provide free legal advice for our clients as well.

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