Do You Qualify?

Once you (or one of your family members, friends, colleagues) have physically visited a property and decide you’d like to move forward with a lease you need to send us an email to indicating your intention to move forward.  That communication must include:
  • Confirm the terms we are advertising
  • Confirm minimum 12 month term
  • Confirm the desired start date
  • Confirm you meet the minimum economic qualifications defined below
We use the number #1 property management and accounting software in North America called AppFolio Property Manager.  Once we are confirmed that both the tenant and the owner are on the same page with terms, timing, etc., we will forward an online application to the applicants.  Once the applicants submit their applications we will endeavor to process the application and get an answer to the tenants as soon as reasonably possible.

What are ESQPMG minimum economic, employment and prior tenancy requirements?

ESQPMG utilizes proprietary software with AppFolio to investigate and prepare a report which evaluates credit history, past evictions, and criminal records.  We also verify employment and income utilizing the applicant’s representations and confirming with their employer.  Successful applicants must have a minimum FICO credit score of 700 and gross income equal to 3X the rent.  Other factors such as groups, pets, starting date and term length will be evaluated during the screening process.  We also contact the tenant’s current landlord to understand if the current tenancy is in good standing.